The diversity of Indian Wildlife is not secondary to its African counterpart, perhaps superior in many ways. No wonder it is among the 17 mega diverse countries which has about 60-70% of bio-diversity on the planet. One cannot discount the heterogeneity of habitat. The Western Ghats and Himalayan regions are the gems of our rich heritage. Some very successful conservation programmes like, the Project Tiger, Project Elephant, Project Rhino, have ensured not only survival but we can safely say thriving population of many species in our Eco-system. In more than 100 national parks, 500 wildlife sanctuaries, India has the largest population of Royal Bengal Tigers in the wild, which happens to be our umbrella and Super Star species. Not lagging far behind are Asiatic Lions endemic to India, Asian ELephants, One Horned Rhinos, Snow Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, and we are proud to be home to more than 1200 bird species. Depending on your interest we can tailor the programme.